28 Day ‘5 Step Changemaker Blueprint’ Programme £495

Initial consultation – 30 mins

To set your Rapid Transformation Therapy session up for maximum success

Preparation recording to listen to for 1 week before the session.

Hypnotherapy session – 2 to 3 hours

We will find those deeply hidden beliefs and make sense of your past experiences

Personalised recording tailored for maximum success

Listen to it every day for 28 days to install some fabulous new beliefs for the life you want to live

Changemaker rapid transformation session – 1 hour

Centred on self- esteem and self- worth – because when they are firmly rooted, you will never feel the need to people please, try to fit in or, worry about making decisions again.

Changemaker rapid transformation session – 1 hour

Centered on confidence – because if you know you have phenomenal coping skills to navigate whatever curve balls come your way , you will have no need to be anxious about the future or feel overwhelmed again.

Full online support for 28 days

As you work on your exciting transformation

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Changemaker Blueprint Group Programme £297

Just like the ‘5 Step Changemaker Blueprint’ but delivered to a specially selected group of no more than 6 fellow changemakers.

I ensure that each group is a supportive collective that is a safe place for everyone as they embark on their healing journey.

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‘They Don’t Come With Instructions’

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Corporate Events

One to one consultation to understand your exact goals for your event

Motivational session to set your delegates up for success

Group Rapid Transformation Therapy session

Transformation recording tailored for your desired outcome

Online support for delegates for 28 days

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