Be more Jack!

This is a picture of Jack, he is a 6 year old black Labrador. Jack belongs to my eldest daughter and he is a member of our family.

When clients visit, Jack can usually be found milling around, looking for a comfortable place to have a nap. After each session, I find that most clients seem soothed by having him next to them and interacting in a very gentle, undemanding way.

I often hear myself saying we should all ‘be more Jack’ and I thought I would share why;

Jack loves unconditionally, he doesn’t care how long we have been out, without exception, he is always thrilled to see us when we return.

Jack has amazing self-esteem, it never crosses his mind that when he needs to go out, it might be inconvenient for the human in attendance.

Jack never worries about being judged, if he wants to jump around all over the field by our house, he jolly well will do.

Jack knows he is handsome and is never shy when complimented, he laps up the attention, very secure in the knowledge that he is a gorgeous boy!

Jack lives in the moment, if he has the opportunity to go anywhere, you never catch him looking for his best collar first.

When he wants a treat, and I swear he asks with a nudge of your arm, I can honestly say that I have never seen Jack look for the calorie content before devouring the meaty snack.

I think we can all learn much from Jack x

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