Helping exhausted mums who feel out of control to find

calm & confidence

✨When you sparkle, so does your child✨

Childhood is short and so is my unique 28-day Transformation Programme.

There’s time to be the parent you want to be.

Together we will ditch parent guilt and replace it with clarity, calm & confidence!

‘They Don’t Come With Instructions’

As my practice grew, I started to see a pattern developing amongst my clients. They would come so see me for a variety of reasons but the root causes turned out to be some very similar situations.

Very often they were issues stemming from everyday childhood experiences. However, if these experiences had been handled slightly differently, they would not have had the same, often devastating effect.

Come and join me as I share –

✨Details of those common everyday childhood experiences

✨The impact they can have

✨The small changes you can make to help ensure your child isn’t seeking therapy in 30 years’ time

However, this is not exclusively for parents because each time I do it, someone has a lightbulb moment about their own childhood.

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