Wirral Globe Article – Woman helping others with therapy after three suicide attempts

A woman who survived three suicide attempts is now delivering the therapy that saved her life.

Lisa Shannon from Eastham found herself at rock bottom 12 months ago, when the train she was hoping to throw herself under was cancelled. Distraught, she believed that it was yet another thing that she couldn’t get right.

The 49-year-old mum of two daughters had suffered from crippling depression for more that 30 years. She tried many different therapies, even training in some, but nothing truly worked, leaving her broken.

She said: “None of us were born feeling unlovable, helpless or hopeless, in fact the opposite was true.

“As babies we all cried if we were hungry, regardless of who we thought we might be upsetting. But somewhere along the way, we lost that confidence and began to believe things about ourselves.”

Lisa says that when her husband of 28 years gave her tablets to end her life, she believed she was a burden to her family.

Sinking deeper and deeper into depression, the only way she could see to stop the torment was to finish the job her husband had started.

When her daughter flushed away her stash of powerful pain killers, she fled to a bridge over the M53 but was prevented from jumping by a passer-by.

By the time the train Lisa planned to jump in front of was cancelled, she was convinced she was utterly hopeless.

But after discovering a You Tube video from the therapist Marisa Peer talking about the ground breaking therapy she had founded, Rapid Transformation Therapy, within 72 hours of her first session she says she felt hope.

Finally, Rapid Transformation Therapy had found the root cause of the depression that had haunted Lisa for most of her life. Her childhood experiences had led her to believe that she wasn’t good enough.

Using techniques founded in neuroscience, Lisa says she was able to install new beliefs that are far more appropriate for her life now. Suddenly, she could clearly see what she needed to do and her life began to change.

Six weeks later, Lisa found herself on the way to London to train with Marisa and now, she is a practicing Rapid Transformation Therapy from her home in Eastham.

Lisa is passionate about helping others to banish anxiety, believe in themselves and reclaim the confidence they were born with.

She added: “I want to give hope to others who feel they have tried everything and it hasn’t worked, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Understanding your beliefs gives you the power to choose the ending of your story.”

Printed in the Wirral Globe 27.07.2020 by Richard Garnett