Why making decisions is so hard and what you can do to help!

Do you ever feel completely stuck? You just can’t make a decision? Even if your life depended on it, you just can’t decide what to do.

Well it’s really not surprising because we have all been raised with the idea that we do not know what is best for ourselves.

We are taught that others know far more than we do and so, they know what is best for us. Early on we listen to our parents, then teachers and then bosses, all telling us that they know more than we do. But also, society bombards us with messages that have us believing that we don’t know what is in our own best interests. 

Because of this, we choose what we think we are supposed to choose.

But as we get older, this becomes increasingly difficult because, there are more and more influences all informing us of what that choice should be.

The cost of bending and shaping to fit the desires, preferences, and expectations of others, is losing ourselves.

We allow ourselves to be who we are told we are and so, we are caught in an endless struggle of seeking approval and reaching for recognition. The result is that we lose trust in ourselves.

And when we lose trust in ourselves, we become frozen without direction, unable to make our own choices.

Also, we begin to not trust ourselves to be able to influence how we feel and that never ends well.

These three steps will help you to start trusting yourself;

Step 1 – Build your confidence!

Confidence is how you view your own abilities and a lack of it goes hand in hand with a lack of self-trust.

If we don’t trust ourselves, we lack self-esteem meaning that we do not see our own value. One of the main reasons that we don’t trust ourselves, is that we do not accept our own abilities, talents, and value.

So, taking time to acknowledge your abilities and talents, will help you to understand your value. Understanding your value, will help you to build your confidence.

Step 2 – Do things that you are good at!

This is a sure fire way to build your confidence.  Everyone is good at something.

However, we don’t often allow ourselves to do what we are good at because we have all been raised within a society which values effort.

Most of us have a belief that it is weak to do the things that come easy to us. But for us to learn how to trust ourselves, we need to allow ourselves to do what we are good at and what comes easily to us. If we always feel as if it is a struggle to do things, we will always feel like we are getting left behind.

So, allow yourself to use your talents and do those things you are good at and start to design your life around things you excel at.

Give yourself permission to take pride in the things you do and give yourself credit for your successes.

Step 3 – Listen to your feelings!

If we want to trust ourselves, we need to learn to trust our own feelings. Feelings are the truth of who you really are. They are the compass guiding you through this adventure called life. If something doesn’t feel right for you, that is your intuition giving you a message, listen to it – it gives you all the guidance you need.

Following these steps will give you a solid boost to your self-confidence and subsequently, your self-trust.

And, when you trust yourself, decision making becomes so much easier.

As always, if you would like any help with this, get in touch!

You are worth it 💛