When did you loose your confidence?

Confidence is a strange thing, when you were born you had it in abundance.

For example, as a baby, if you were hungry, you would cry and were confident that food would be provided.

You were also born with an inner cheerleader and so, when people looked into your pram, you absolutely did not worry about leg rolls or double chins.

You were, quite rightly, confident that you were adorable.

But somehow, something happened and you stopped feeling confident.

You stopped living in the moment and began to worry about the future.

You began to believe something about yourself.

Then you had experiences that reinforced that belief because subconsciously, you look for confirmation of your beliefs.

And, your mind doesn’t help because it is super focused on negative situations to keep you safe.

Then your beliefs drive your actions, your actions drive your results and your results drive your beliefs – it’s a subconscious cycle that leaves you feeling anything from anxious and afraid, to exhausted and hesitant.

But what if………… you could unravel what happened to that confidence you were born with. What if……….. you could find those pesky beliefs that are not helping you now.

And then, what if……………you could re- code your mind back to its original blue print.

Well you absolutely can, because that is exactly what Rapid Transformation Therapy does.

But if you don’t feel ready for that step yet, get the details of my ‘MIND FIX’.

It is a five step plan to get you to understand how, why and when you began to believe things about yourself.

It also gives you some techniques to start practising straight away to install some wonderful more appropriate beliefs for the life you live today.

I am also going to start going Live on Facebook to talk through the different steps.

So follow me on Facebook for updates.

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Never give up hope, your answer maybe nearer than you think 💛 x