They Don’t Come With Instructions!

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long 🎉

As a therapist, my clients often present with common issues stemming from everyday childhood experiences. If these experiences had been handled slightly differently, they would not have had the same, often devastating effect.

So I’ve decided to host a ‘coffee and chat’ event aimed at parents, parents to be, prospective parents and grandparents to share details of those everyday childhood experiences, the impact they have had and the small changes you can make to help ensure your child/grandchild isn’t seeking therapy in 30 years’ time.

I will be sharing the sort of information that I wish someone had shared with me when I was a new mum. Honestly, I read all the books, attended all the classes and looked everywhere for positive role models. I knew what I didn’t want but was completely lost as to what I did.

I felt broken and desperately didn’t want to pass my ‘brokenness’ on so as a result, I parented my two girls from fear. I now know it didn’t have to be that way and I’m on a mission to prevent other parents from feeling the same and, saving their little ones from the impact that can have.

During this ‘coffee and chat’ event, I will share what I have learned from my client sessions and explain the little tweaks you can make to change the outcome for the little person in your life.

I would love you to join me, click here to book your FREE place.