The painful reality of not expressing your feelings!

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month and so I wanted to share Annie’s story with you.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, itchy, scaly patches most commonly on the knees, elbows, trunk and scalp. Suffers often describe it as having a major effect on their quality of life.

Annie had suffered from Psoriasis for 22 years. It presented as sore patches on her arm and foot that were so unsightly, she shied away from wearing clothes that left them on show.

“The large patches on my elbows were very unsightly and my foot would itch so furiously I would scratch the skin off, it was so painful,” said Annie.

 “The steroid creams prescribed have a side effect of thinning the skin so since the doctors seemed to have no cure, I had come to terms with the fact it was just something I was going to have to live with and prayed it would not spread any further”.

When I suggested she try Rapid Transformation Therapy she was sceptical, but decided she had nothing to lose.

We did the session by Zoom and Annie (54) was shocked to discover that the root cause was a trauma she had experienced at 32. This event had left her with unresolved, deep seeded feelings that were surfacing in painful, itchy patches on her skin.

The Psoriasis was Annie’s response to this deeply distressing event that had overwhelmed her causing feelings of helplessness and a belief that she couldn’t do anything about it. But this event wasn’t the first time that Annie had felt helpless, indeed it was a childhood belief that had been triggered.

In order to cure the Psoriasis, Annie had to deal with the belief that she was helpless and understand that her thoughts were hers to change.

Understanding this allowed Annie to deal with her past and at the same time, she used her mind to command her skin cells to return to their original blue print.

Annie’s arm before and after Rapid Transformation Therapy
Annie’s foot before and after Rapid Transformation Therapy

As the Psoriasis started to disappear, Annie was shocked by the transformation taking place in her skin. The dry, itchy weeping skin had disappeared and soft new skin began forming instead. Annie’s friends and family have been blown away by the results.

Annie says “I want to give hope to others suffering with this painful, unsightly condition that they don’t have to live with it. Once you deal with the root cause, you can direct your own mind to heal. I am thrilled with the results and can’t believe that the power was in me to beat it all along”.

Psoriasis isn’t the only condition that presents itself when we have unresolved  feelings. As long ago as 1880, Dr Henry Maudsley said,

💛 “The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep” 💛

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