The mind in three steps!

It is the mind’s job to keep us safe – that is all!!

In order to that, we are hardwired to avoid pain and look for pleasure. Therefore, the mind does exactly what it thinks we want it to do, it is very literal. If you say to yourself ‘this commute is killing me’ the mind will make your body respond accordingly i.e give you a sore throat so you need to take time off or if that doesn’t work, it may come back with tonsillitis. However, if you still have not taken anytime off, it may then give you something far more debilitating.

The mind responds to the words your use and the pictures you make. So to use the same example, if you picture yourself frazzled from commuter stress, that is what will happen. However, if you picture yourself serenely navigating your way through rush hour, coping with ever challenge with ease, equally that is what will happen. Or better still, imagine yourself sitting in one of the chairs in the picture above.

The mind likes what is familiar, so in this example it will keep defaulting to the picture of your frazzled, so you must be aware of that and keep changing the picture back to your new one until it becomes familiar. That takes around 21 to 28 days.

So, for anyone suffering from anxiety, if you tell yourself you have phenomenal coping skills and nothing will phase you because you know you have the resources to deal with it, your mind will and body will act accordingly.

Then, picture yourself sailing through life dealing with every challenge with humour and grace, that is what will happen. Challenges will still occur, of course they will, but you will deal with them calmly and rationally.

Whenever your mind starts to wander back to how you used to think, remember to bring it back to this new way of thinking and before you know it, it will be your new default way of thinking.

When that happens, your world begins to change and that is where the magic begins.