The Inner Child

This is such a powerful image for so many reasons not least because so many of us are not aware that this is even happening.

Have you ever lost your temper and struggled to understand why?

Have you ever felt frustrated but can’t really see why?

Do you regularly feel helpless?

All these destructive emotions, that often have a devastating effect are rarely about what has just happened.

They are symptoms of unhealed hurts.

Unhealed hurts usually stem from childhood beliefs that have been reinforced over and over again.

Until you deal with these hurts and beliefs, they will just keep showing up in your life.

Patterns of behaviour that you just keep repeating and swear to yourself will never happen again, and then it does, has you feeling like you are on an emotional merry go round.

This behaviour that leaves you racked with guilt and crippled with shame is your inner child crying out.

Using Rapid Transformation Therapy I can help you to uncover these damaging childhood beliefs.

But if you don’t feel ready for that step yet, get my ‘MIND FIX’.

It is a five step plan to get you to understand how, why and when you began to believe these unhelpful things about yourself.

It also gives you some techniques to start practising straight away to install some wonderful more appropriate beliefs for the life you live today.

I am also going to start going Live on Facebook to talk through the different steps.

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Never give up hope, your answer may be nearer than you think.

But in the meantime, please show that little one kindness and compassion, she is doing her best and doesn’t know any different yet💛