The hidden symptoms of menopause!

Did you know there are over 40 recognised symptoms of the menopause?

I thought this table might be useful to share because some symptoms are not always talked about and so, it can have you doubting if some are even connected.

If you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms, then being able to rate them in this way could help you to decide if you need to seek some expert support.

It is intended to reassure you not frighten you, there is help available.

As always ‘Understanding is Power’ x

If you need support, get in touch and click here 💛

Daytime sweats and flushes    
Night sweats and flushes    
Unable to sleep    
Loss of energy    
General aches and pains    
General itchiness    
Formication (sensation of something crawling all over you)    
Emotional problems    
Feelings of unworthiness    
Panic attacks    
Bladder Problems        
Daytime frequency (need to pass urine often)        
Urgency (having very little warning)    
Urge incontinence (leakage if you do not get there in time)        
Stress incontinence (leakage if you cough, sneeze or laugh)    
Night-time frequency        
Bed wetting        
Sexual problems        
Vaginal dryness/soreness        
Vaginal itching      
Soreness/pain with intercourse    
Bleeding with intercourse        
Loss of libido (sex drive)        
Difficulty achieving orgasm        
Personality problems        
Loss of memory        
Loss of concentration    
Inability to cope        
Feelings of personality disintegration (not feeling yourself)     
Period problems        
Periods increasingly erratic        
Periods much lighter        
Periods much heavier        
Irregular bleeding between periods        
New bleed over 1 year since periods stopped