12 Pounds in 3 Weeks

When I visited this extraordinary person, she was not at all fazed by being confronted by an obese doctor, yes I am a medical doctor and had tried every single diet and then, every therapy available, in a bid to understand why I am clinically obese. Over dinner one night, a friend told me about Marisa Peer’s book regarding losing weight and we lamented the fact that she no longer takes on new clients. Cue, my finding Lisa.

Finally, I have found the answer as to why I carry this extra weight and, in 3 weeks, I have already lost 12 pounds. The terrific personalised recording that Lisa sent me away with has also installed new behaviours regarding the choices I now make at dinner time. She recommended that I listen to it for at least 21 days, but I intend to continue to listen to it at bedtime as I have never slept better.

Lisa, you are wonderful, intuitive and extremely kind, I have felt throughout you have been routing for me and I cannot thank you enough.

Dr. Raja K – October 2019

Insomnia No more

A friend recommended Lisa to me as I have been an insomniac for well over 3 years. However, since I am now peri menopausal, it has become much worse. As I do not live in the North of England, we did the appointment by Zoom. I was a little nervous about using Zoom and unsure about how it could possibly work. But I need not have worried, Lisa called me beforehand and talked me through installing it. She also then asked me about my dreadful symptoms and explained the rules of the mind to me.

Actually, I began to feel better after that talk and was excited for our appointment
arranged for the next day. The session was amazing, I have never been hypnotised before and was blown away by the extraordinary experience. When it was over, Lisa sent me a recording of the end part which is full of all things that I said I wanted.

That night I slept for 5 hours without waking and have been sleeping for 6 hours every night since. This is a life changing development for me and I cannot stress enough the difference it has made. I recommend everyone to do it because we all have something she can help with.

Marie – October 2019

l Feel SO SO different

I’m so pleased that I tried RTT, a week on and I already feel SO SO DIFFERENT. I can’t believe how you just got me in less than 90 minutes and that I had been harbouring those ridiculous beliefs for all that time. I loved our chats before and after the session, you made me see that healing me is my job in such an understanding way. I was so lucky to find you and I will never be able to fully explain the difference you have made. You are a special lady, thank you Lisa x

SR – October 2019

RTT freed me from Migraines

Having suffered from crippling migraines for some considerable time, I was persuaded
to give RTT a try. I was regularly subject to crippling cluster migraines that never seemed to fully go, despite having prescription medicine prescribed, I still had at least two or three new ones each week.

I admit, I was sceptical as to how RTT would be able to help me, but by this point I felt desperate. However, Lisa took my scepticism in her stride and reassured me that if I really wanted them to go, RTT would work. I marvelled at her professionalism.

Lisa confidently led me through the session in a calm, thoughtful way and, her intuitive investigations to find the root cause of my suffering, appears to have been spot on. It has been over a week now and I have been completely headache free since the session ended. I listen to the recording she made for me every night and she has been in regular contact to check in with me.

Mr DT – November 2019

Eczema has cleared up completely

I didn’t go to see Lisa for eczema, I went because I have been promoted and wanted to feel confident in my new role, rather than an imposter. However, I saw eczema on the form she gave me at the beginning and ticked it, she asked me some questions about it but focused on my wanting to improve my confidence. During one of the last scenes, after Lisa asked me all the questions she had asked before, she then asked me how the eczema on my arm is in this scene. After the initial confusion around how on earth is that relevant, I suddenly had a lightbulb moment – IT IS ALL connected.  

Lisa is unbelievable, she just seems to know this stuff but makes you think you thought of it lol. I cannot thank her enough, not only am I ‘owning’ my job, the eczema has cleared up completely, I had it for 46 years. Now, I don’t even itch it at night – life changing!!!

I will never be able to thank Lisa enough, I thoroughly recommend her if you want to change your life.

ELJ – November 2019

Feeling absolutely empowered

Lisa is a wonderful RTT therapist. She is warm, kind, empathetic and very dedicated to the therapy and client’s needs. She ensures that the root of the problem is found and spends time thoroughly ensuring that it is pulled out and the client is freed up of their issue. I feel amazing after the session, relieved and I am listening to my recording with excitement and feeling absolutely empowered. Thank you Lisa for an amazing session.

Lori – November 2019

Instinctively knew why I had developed anxiety

I had a wonderful session with Lisa. Her intuition was spot on from the beginning, she instinctively knew as the session went on why I had developed my anxiety. She was supportive and so reassuring throughout the session and made me feel so at ease. Lisa made the method her own and did a fantastic job. I now have the understanding to be able to change beliefs I had had for so many years. Thank you so much Lisa. 

Emma – December 2019

My husband cannot believe the change in me

I cannot recommend Lisa enough, my husband cannot believe the change in me and consequently our life, in such a short space of time.  I am now hardly ever at home and start a part time job in January, I last worked in 1985. Thank you Lisa – you are an angel.

Jean R – December 2020

Above and Beyond – Anxiety Free

Lisa, Thank you so much for going above and beyond with the second recording, I can feel it making a difference to my sleep already, you were right I just need to learn to do it again. I am anxiety free as I know I can cope with anything. You keep proving that you really care. You are amazing, everyone should have a session with you.

Sarah H – January 2020

Feel so much lighter and free

I feel so much lighter and free. For the first time in forever I am looking forward with excitement and not back with regret. I am enough and I just know that my business and personal life are going to take off this year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care of me. I wholeheartedly recommend you x

Alison – January 2020

Stuck – Changed my life

I cannot begin to tell you how different I feel. As you know I was stuck on the throes of the menopause when I found you. I just didn’t know who I was and felt hopeless. You helped me to understand why things had happened to me and change it. I feel amazing, it has been such a privilege to have meet and work with you – you have helped me change my life. Thank you x

Nichola – February 2020

I am actually pregnant!!!!

I can’t believe it and neither can my doctor!!!

I have cancelled the IVF appointment which was my Magic Wand request. Thank you so much Lisa, my session was amazing and the follow up coaching was perfect. So looking forward to our follow up ‘perfect pregnancy’ session. Roll on August love from

Becky – February 2020

I feel 20 year younger

Lisa you are like a breathe of fresh air, does nothing phase you? I told you I was incurable and you said ‘ let’s see about that’. OMG I have not had another panic attack since. I now do not take any medication and I am actually full time back in my business. I feel 20 years younger, I have focus and my life is back on track. You are a gifted therapist and I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Louise H – February 2020

RTT really is an amazing therapy

RTT really is an amazing therapy.

I can’t say I loved every minute because at times it was hard, but Lisa gently led me to where I needed to be. She is full of wisdom and really cares about her clients, she is also really hard working and makes you do the same.

I am so relieved that I found RTT when I did. My personal relationships were at an all time low and I was about to leave work because I felt I couldn’t cope anymore.

Five weeks on, things could not be more different. My husband and children like me, I have a complete understanding of my parents and, I am back in work.

I recommend Lisa every chance I get because, I know she is completely committed and brilliant at what she does.

Sharon – March 2020

Life changing

Hello Lisa,

You truly are a gifted therapist!

Although, you seemed to instinctively know what my problem was, you let me take my time work it out with just gentle guidance. I think this made a huge difference.

I would never have believed the beliefs that you unearthed for me during RTT. I was completely unaware of how much of a people pleaser I had become and how really angry that was making me.

But it all makes complete sense now – thank you!

I really loved my sessions with you and always came away buzzing with ideas and motivation. I am definitely on my way to living my best life and not at all nervous about the future because I have great coping skills.

I feel so lucky to have found you – this has been life changing for me.

Elaine – March 2020

My whole perception on life, love and trust has changed

I know I said I was going to keep you a secret but I spoke to my friend Dawn earlier today and she was in right mess so, I have given her your number.

I told her all about you and our sessions, I even told her about my nervousness of using zoom, seems mad now that was just a month ago. Anyways, I have told her that it is brilliant doing it by zoom and the bonus is, you don’t have to drive home after the RTT session part.

I know I said thank you yesterday, but it doesn’t really feel like enough, as I heard myself telling Dawn all about you it hit me how much you have actually done for me.

My whole perception on life, love and trust has changed, I know we talked about it yesterday but it really has and it is quite unbelievable that it really did only take that month.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!!!

Cat – April 2020

I know my worth and that is freedom

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and support over the last month or so.

I also wanted to share this with you, I have just found myself saying no to something that didn’t feel was right for me and it was completely ok.

I feel quite proud of myself for doing it and I think you will be proud of me too.

I know who I am and you were right, I do feel very comfortable respecting my new boundaries now. I know my worth and that is freedom.

I am going to carry on listening to my recording because I love it and feel slightly addicted to how relaxed it makes me.

Liz – April 2020

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