Keeping anxiety at bay

Recently, I wrote this tip on Facebook and as I use it all the time, I thought I would share it here too.

When I find myself struggling in any situation that has the potential to trigger anxiety or stress, I conciously reign my thoughts in and bring my attention back to that particular moment.

By practising being in the present moment, it means that you cannot be depressed or anxious. This is because depression is about your thoughts ‘being’ in the past which you cannot change. However, anxiety is about ‘being’ in the future and worrying about something that may not even happen and, if it does, realistically you probably can’t change that either.

Therefore, the only thing that you have any real control over is your thoughts at this very moment.

When you first start to practice this, it can be tricky to focus, so I use my good old trusty senses and ask the following questions;

What am I seeing right now?
What am I hearing right now?
What am I feeling right now?

Then my personal favourite question which seems to place most things in perspective for me; What am I grateful for at this very moment?

Like everyone in times of great stress and turmoil. I do have to dig deep for this one but if I look hard enough, I can always find something.

The questions help you to not only focus, but are a great indicator for understanding what you can change.

The mind learns by repetition and loves what is familiar so, very soon it will become familiar with this ritual and revert to it more and more easily. Therefore, helping to keep depression and anxiety at bay.

Give it a try, it works for me every single time.