How to banish anxiety once and for all!

There is much talk around anxiety at the moment, most of which, is having you believe that you do not have the skills to deal with whatever curve balls might be coming next.

However, anxiety is not a reaction to what is happening around you at any given time, it is a feeling created by a thought.

You make your thoughts and so, you can change your thoughts any time you want to.

So many of us lay in bed at night imagining the very worst-case scenarios and then wonder why we cannot sleep. Quite often this habit began in childhood and then, if you were fortunate, your parents would come and soothe you.

If they didn’t, the chances are you began to believe that you were not worth the effort or you were not loved, and even if they did, you learnt that you needed your parents to soothe you.

Now as an adult you know you can soothe yourself and the actions of the adults around you reflected their beliefs and that they were never about you.

Therefore, these beliefs are now just thoughts and you make your thoughts, that means you can change the feeling before it even becomes an anxious one.

I know at the moment that seems so much easier said than done but honestly, your thoughts are yours to change and you can do that anytime you choose to.

If we look at your thoughts, at the moment I’m willing to bet they are around whether or not you will be ok moving forward. You have fears for the future.

What is it that you are fearful of? What is it that you believe about yourself that has you doubting your abilities?

Maybe start by asking yourself these questions then writing down the answers. I invite you to follow the enquiry until you get to the fundamental beliefs that have you thinking the future is to be feared.

The issue arises when we create habits and patterns around these beliefs, because in some way, even the ones we don’t like, are usually serving us at some level.

Writing the answers to these questions will give you the opportunity to identify beliefs and then the thoughts that are creating them.

Once you have done that, it is a good idea to start looking at the evidence which tells you that, even with whatever limiting belief you have about yourself; you have survived 100% of your challenging days so far.

You have survived because you have phenomenal coping skills, I’m sure you could list many times when you thought you might not survive, but here you are.

Therefore, there is every reason to start believing something different about yourself. Especially given that you have the evidence to show that you have the skills to deal with whatever curve balls come your way.

So, by looking at the belief that you discovered and now you can see it is no longer appropriate you can let it go.

If you are struggling to let go, this lovely meditation from Louise Hay – Begin To Let Go might help

So, knowing that anxiety is a reaction to a thought and knowing that changing your thoughts is completely within your power, it is within your gift to banish anxiety once and for all.

As always, if I can help you with any of this, get in touch 💛