Finding my voice!

This picture is gigantic for me!

It is the microphone that I use most days to make bespoked recordings for my clients.

Before I was Called to the Bar, I spent the best part of a year having voice coaching. Yet I still hated the sound of my own voice, I really hated it, like couldn’t bear to listen back to voice messages sort of hate.

On reflection, the problems this created for me were profound.

Then I discover RTT and, it changed my life.

I realised that I had never really had a voice. As a child, I was to be seen but not heard. So, I tried to be invisible, to keep quiet, it kept me safe. It protected me from getting it wrong and being in “trouble”.

Playing small was my comfort zone, my familiar.

Understanding this gave me my power!!!

So this picture means so much to me because, although I still do not love the sound of my voice, I now love what it has to say. I use my voice to transform the lives of others and free them from their emotional baggage.

And now, I often catch myself saying “I will not keep quiet so that they stay comfortable.”

And that, is freedom 💛

If this sounds familiar, send me a message, I am also a pretty savvy listener.

Always remember YOU matter 💛💛💛