Helping you to deal with your childhood trauma so you can leap confidently into parenthood!

My mission is help you to prevent your child needing therapy!

Without realising it, we all have beliefs and unmet needs lurking in our subconscious mind that are being triggered again and again!

Using my tried & tested 28-day programme, I will help you to ditch parent guilt, find clarity, calm & confidence which will reflect in your contented, settled child 💛

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Do you lie awake at night worrying whether;

Your child will be ok at school? Crippled with anxiety in case they get bullied?

Are you in a state of panic in case nobody likes them?

Or, what if they have those ‘faulty family alcohol/drug dependent/gambling genes’?

Perhaps their behaviour is really challenging you but you don’t understand why.

If this is you, take a deep breath, I’ve got you and my 28 day ‘Conscious Parent Mastery’ programme is for you.

Using the combined power of hypnotherapy, CBT, NPL & neuroscience, I’ll help you to understand the out dated beliefs you have that are showing up in your life now and, impacting on your parenting.

Children mirror the behaviour they see and if it is something we don’t like about ourselves, that often triggers a damaging reaction and patterns get established very quickly. The issue is, that so often we are totally unaware because much of this happens on a unconscious level.

Understanding is power and during the 28 day programme we will get to the root cause of the triggers, eliminate them and then, install some new beliefs that are far more appropriate for your life now.

My mission is to help you find clarity, calm and confidence which will reflect in your confident, settled child 💛

Together let’s make sure your child isn’t seeking therapy in adulthood!

Together we can make sure your child isn’t seeking therapy in adult hood!

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